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PR 9
255 sites
PR 8
1682 sites
PR 7
5104 sites
PR 6
13383 sites
PR 5
22053 sites
PR 4
31360 sites
PR 3
43336 sites
PR 2
8948 sites
PR 1
67472 sites
PR 0
203188 sites
476187 sites
Above you can see the websites grouped by pagerank value - reflecting data from January 2010
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Google panda and penguin updates 2015

Google is doing a good job on fighting web spam. It tries to clean the serps with diverse algo tweaks and filter those sites that used spam either on-site or fof-site. Unfortunataley, overoptimization could be a problem to legitim, not spammer websites as well, this is why google needs to update and refresh its database and fine-tune its algo filtering mechanism.

Getting backlinks is on the top of most marketers - though they have to be careful. Links from directories, forum signatures, profile pages, bookmarking sites are no longer a good idea - just like sitewide links or links from the side bar of blog networks. They simply do not represent value and thus they are either neglected or discounted by search engines. Articles presented in a good way could be a good choice as long as they do not represent majority of the links your link profile consits of. The language, context and the way these articles are presented tell a lot about the relevance. read more on this on the new articles publisher.

Some industries are are particularly hit - like payday loan, mediacal, porn and gambling sites have been scrutinized closely by the search engine giant. We have a section here with safe gambling sites and we recommend, a slot casino for fun - which currently offers over 2600 casino games for totally free of charge.

For those affected by any of the google penguin algo changes let us suggest a page that helps with understnading the core problem of gradual traffic decline.

PageRank Update 2011

We are still looking forward to a long due google pagerank update on the public pr tool. Most seo guys expected to happen this right after Christmas which unfortunately did not happen. Minor changes happen from time to time though - only the domain PR update is what we are all missing. Of course the new data will not influence anything at all - serps will not change and traffic will remain the same - still most seo-s would welcome a sign of google that would encourge link builders and site owners alike.

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