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255 sites
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1682 sites
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5104 sites
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13383 sites
PR 5
22053 sites
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31360 sites
PR 3
43336 sites
PR 2
8948 sites
PR 1
67472 sites
PR 0
203188 sites
476187 sites
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How to add PageRank Tool to your web site or blog ?

To use our PageRank Checking tool to your website or blog, you must add the HTML code below to those pages where you want to display the pagerank. Our PageRank Tool will show a small icon that displays the current Google PageRank of those web pages.

Just follow the steps below:
1. Click the Pagerank icon of your choice below.
2. Click in the text box to highlight the taext, right-click and 'Copy' the text.
3. Paste the html code into your page/s, save and upload your page/s.

Here is an example of the small icon shown by PageRank tool that display a Google™ PageRank value.

Here is the code you will need to use on your site or blog to display the pagerank™ for that page.

Select icon

By adding our PageRank tool to your site you can check the rank (PR) of all your website pages right on your web site.

Note: Please DO NOT modify the code, otherwise we can not guarantee the correct work of our free pagerank checking tool!

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